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perry marshall and the website goddess

Perry Marshall and Megan Macedo

If you have spent any time trying to grow your business and make more sales then you will have realised by now that the key to your success lies in direct response marketing.

That’s marketing à la Chris Cardell, or Dan Kennedy, or Perry Marshall.

If you’re like the business owners I work with then you have studied with guys like this and you are now a direct marketer in your own right.

You’ve got lots of ideas and marketing techniques that you want to use to grow your profits, but you don’t have the time or inclination to sit down and figure out how to make the technical side of things work…

…This is where frustration sets in because you need to deal with web designers.

Web designers who are wonderful at being just that – designers – but they don’t understand the first thing about effective marketing. And there are even some who think they understand marketing… watch out for these guys, they are dangerous!

  • If you are tired of your web people telling you that “you CAN’T do that”,
  • If you’re fed up hearing “that will never work”,
  • If you’re DONE with having your marketing campaigns and your future profits held hostage by your web designer…

…then contact me today to schedule a call.

Whether you need landing pages, split testing, email autoresponders, or direct response copywriting we can take care of it.

Marketers First, Designers and Techs Second

chris cardell and the website goddess

Megan Macedo and Chris Cardell

My name is Megan Macedo, aka The Website Goddess, and I am a well respected direct response copywriter and marketing strategist. Over the years I have put together a first class team of web designers and technical guys who understand direct marketing from the inside out.

The reason I got into web design and online marketing in the first place was through sheer frustration of not being able to find a designer or developer who understood what I was trying to do with my marketing. I finally got sick of teaching them about marketing and decided to learn how to do it myself.

As a team at The Website Goddess, we are marketers first and designers and techs second. The primary consideration in everything we do for you is “Does this work from a marketing perspective? Does it convert? Will it make you money?“.

So let the other designers get back to making pretty pictures, and talk to me if you want to get results.

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