The Client

Flor mc Carthy is not your typical small town Solicitor. In fact he’s not your typical solicitor full stop. He’s a marketing genius in his own right and a relentless doer… He has an idea and then he makes it happen.  He’s always testing new marketing strategies and tactics.
Like all of our most successful clients, Flor invests heavily in his own marketing education and then makes those investments pay off by actually implementing what he learns.

The Brief

Having recently returned from a Ben Glass Legal Marketing Conference in the US, Flor had an A4 pad full of new marketing methods and sales funnels to try for his practice. His website was going to be crucial to the implementation and automation of these marketing strategies. 

Flor’s ideas we’re all about direct response marketing (asking visitors and prospects to take measurable actions in response to the marketing messages), so he knew that testing and measuring was going to be an important element of his new strategy.  He also wanted to work with a team who would ‘get’ what he wanted to do and be able to pitch in with ideas and suggestions of their own.

Together with the Website Goddess team, Flor built a new direct-response website from scratch with multiple calls-to-action throughout the site, visitor segmentation (so visitors can select which information is most suited to their needs), live chat functionality and a fully responsive design for mobile and tablet compatibility. Flor also has a host of landing pages to use for quickly and continually testing and measuring new marketing tactics.

The Result

As well as having a positive impact on sales for his practice, Flor’s website also attracted the attention of the Irish Law Society, winning the prize for best legal website 2014. Flor has this to say about his experience of working with us….