How To Make YouTube Not Look Like YouTube

When you are embedding a YouTube video in your website, the player is a lot more versatile than most people realise. Here are some things you might not know are possible:

1. You can remove all controls from the video player so that the only thing that appears is the YouTube logo watermark.

2. You can remove the title link at the top of the video and the ‘watch on YouTube link in the timeline’ but keep the timeline bar controls so that people can skip and rewind etc.

3. You can set it so that your video always plays in HD quality.

Here are the instructions for doing all that:

Just add this code to the embed code that you copy and paste from YouTube:


Add this to the standard embed code, after the ? at the end of the link, and before the ” so it looks like this:

iframe src=”// modestbranding=1;autohide=1&showinfo=0&controls=0;rel=0&vq=hd720” height=”317″ width=”564″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″>

Here’s what’s making things happen in the code:

‘controls=’ changes whether the timeline bar appears or not. 0 is no timeline bar (so you can only play and pause the video and not skip through it) and 1 includes the timeline bar.

‘rel=0’ disables the related videos at the end.

‘vq=hd720’ makes the video play in HD (720p).

You can also add to the embed code to make the video autoplay, among other things. The full options are on this page, under parameters:

4. It’s possible to make the video autoplay on the first visit only, so the first time a new visitor goes on your page, the video will automatically play, but every time they go on the page after that the video will only play if they click on it. This requires some set up behind the scenes on your site. If you’d like it set up on your site email us on and we’ll make it happen for you.